Hi, your BrewMaster here.  My real name is Shane and I’m an absolute coffee fiend!  When you love something that much, you want to spend your life with it.  So, I started CleanEspresso.com in 2010.  I found a great product that was difficult to acquire…so I started a site to share the love!  We’ve grown a lot since then, and have expanded what we do and how much we know.  We are dedicated to our research, and will stop at no ends (and drink WAY more caffeine that our doctor recommends) to learn as much as we can about coffee and espresso.

Our main office is in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.  Here’s a picture:

Our office in Scottsdale


You can Contact Us Here

If I’m not in the office, you’ll find me at a local coffee shop with a fresh brew and my laptop in hand…