Built In Espresso Machine

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Are you trying to decide if its time to get a built in espresso machine? The most important thing to think about about before making your decision is that it’s a BIG decision. It’s quite a commitment to alter your cabinetry or change your kitchen to fit your espresso maker.

built in espresso maker
Built In Espresso

That said, built in espresso makers certainly define a modern style. That’s not to stay a traditional kitchen cannot support one, but when you think of the sleek lines and built in beauty of a built in…it just screams modern to this author.

Many of the manufacturers you already know make built in models, Breville, Delonghi, Miele, Bosch, Saeco, Viking, Capresso & others.




Built in coffee machines tend to have more, if not all, the best of the bells & whistles.



Miele grinder on built in
Miele Grinder


It’s common for a built in espresso maker to have a grinder built in as well. Often you will find the ability to adjust course/fine grinds and only have to refill as you use all the beans.







Water feed for built in espresso maker
Water Feed To Built In


One of the best options for a built in is to include a water feeding system. Of course, this means plumbing changes if your house isn’t already equipped, but it may be worth it. You can include water purification systems and never ever have to worry about adding water to the tank. Speaking of tanks, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of re-plumbing your house, you can definitely have built in espresso with a machine that includes a tank.





Cleaning is the same as with most automatic espresso machines. Of course, read your users manual and follow all instructions. If you need cleaning tablets, you can find generic brand tablets for most brands on our Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets pages.

In summary, a built in espresso machine can be a fantastic addition to a kitchen. You can find a make & model to fit your specific water needs, and can get the machine off your counter and built in to your cabinets, wall, or nook. Now all that’s left is to enjoy a tall cup of espresso, or latte if you’re in the mood to steam…

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