The Best Espresso Machines Under $1000

For some coffee connoisseurs, only the best espresso machine will serve their purposes. Others may consider it a waste of money to spend just under $1,000 on coffee or espresso.

However, to put the idea into perspective, consider this: to buy a small latte at a coffee shop optimistically costs around $3.50 a cup. Assuming the average American consumes two cups a day, that adds up to over $1,800 a year, excluding weekends. Yikes!!

To invest several hundred dollars to buy a good espresso machine that will serve to save money for years to come is, for many, worth the upfront costs.

Still Not convinced?

For those yet unconvinced, the following machines may satisfy any doubts. They are the top of the line, and by far the best espresso machines under $1,000.


The Jura Impress C5 is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing espresso machine on the market. It is a crisp, limousine black designed to look as beautifully as it functions. Displays are illuminated to provide a simple, easy way to receive system feedback. It has an automatic cleaning cycle function, and plate on the top of the machine to preheat mugs. The Impressa features a large 64 ounce water reservoir that can be refilled while still on the machine or by removing it. At $999, it may be on the pricey side, but it is certain to impress anyone.


Philips Saeco triumphs once more with its Incanto Deluxe. Its interface is extremely user-friendly, and while it does not have the sleek appeal of the Jura Impressa, it has a nice enough design worthy of displaying. The unique Saeco Brewing System allows users to strengthen or weaken coffee at the turn of a dial, making this machine exceptionally useful for someone inexperienced at espresso. In terms of cost-effectiveness, the Incanto Deluxe races ahead of the competition, offering all of these features at only $700.


The De’Longhi Compact Automatic is designed to have all of the features of its larger competitors while compacting them into a much smaller space. Using common tap water is not a worry as the machine automatically filters it, and it includes energy-saving settings that save up to 77% of energy. This is the optimal espresso machine for the environmentalists out there, as it considers not only the consumer’s preferences, but the preferences of mother nature as well.

A new career on the horizon?

With a good espresso machine, it becomes an easy task to be your own barista. No matter the desired price, any espresso machine you choose will save money in the long run.

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