The Best Espresso Machines Under $200

It is long considered a myth by many coffee enthusiasts that anyone could possibly find a quality, reliable espresso machine for under $200. Coffee is an expensive trade, and for many, a necessity to get oneself through the day. The idea that such an indispensable resource could be attained at such a low cost seems just too good to be true.

However, not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spare on an espresso machine. In this economy, many people are struggling, and to ask those people to spend so much on an espresso machine is illogical and unreasonable. A few espresso companies have picked up on this market and have downsized their more expensive models to give the basics of quality and efficiency at a price below $200.


As is often trend for espresso machines, Saeco is a top competitor. The Saeco Poemia is a unique little machine small enough to fit nearly any kitchen type. It is made of long-lasting stainless steel and sells for a little over $150. The machine comes equipped with a 15 bar pump, a pressurized filter, and a Pannarello wand for milk frothing.

Atop the machine is a surface designed to warm coffee mugs, and there are indicator lights on the front of the machine to indicate when the temperature is ready. The Saeco Poemia delivers an easy experience, with nearly the same quality of coffee as that of their more expensive models.


The De’Longhi Retro is all about ease and convenience. At around $90, it serves well to make mornings easier without having to spend three dollars a day on a latte at a conventional coffee shop. With only two dials, it is designed entirely around ease of use and durability. It uses ESE pods or ground coffee, depending on consumer preference, and the self-priming option reduces the start-up time to nearly nothing. For those looking for an espresso machine on the inexpensive end of the spectrum, there aren’t many espresso machines that can come up to the quality of the Retro.


While some may shy away from the Nespresso Essenza because of it lack of versatility, this little machine is a wonderful buy for those who understand exactly what they are getting for the price. The machine comes with espresso capsules, and it is locked in to those capsules. It cannot use any other capsules, so this limits its capabilities, however for $150, it’s well worth the price.

It All Comes Down To Choices

As with any consumer product, the buy is entirely dependent upon preferences, desired features, and budget. However, with a little bit of knowledge about the product you desire, it is not impossible to find your best fit for an espresso machine under $200.

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