Coffee Machine Accessories – What Else Do I Need?

You’ve got an espresso machine…what coffee machine accessories do you need?  There are arguments that the list may be never-ending, but the essentials are as follows.

Coffee Grinder:

Sure you can have them do it at the store, but the freshest and best tasting brews are with fresh beans.  Some machines have a grinder built in, but not all.  Burr grinders are the best for espresso beans and produce a better and tastier grind.

Steaming Pitcher:

In this case, size matters!  If you plan on only making one latte at a time, a small 12-oz pitcher is fine.  But if you want multiple latte’s for yourself, your family, or guests… a 24-oz pitcher is probably better.  As you look at the steaming pitchers available, think about the act of steaming milk.  You need to steam the milk, and then pour it.  Look for a spout with a point, or longer spout for easy pouring.  This may seem trivial, but it won’t if you’re spilling milk every day.  Also look at your machine to ensure your choice of pitcher will actually fit with your espresso maker!


If your espresso maker doesn’t come with one, you’ll definitely need a good tamper.  By tamping down the grind you pack them tightly and alter the water as it passes through the beans, picking up the flavor of the beans.

Cleaning Supplies:

Now that you have a home espresso machine, you need to keep up maintained!  Your coffee will just plain taste better.  One of the most important products is espresso machine cleaning tablets.  Your machine will tell you when they’re needed, then follow your manual to do the rest.  Some additional items to have are bar towels to wipe up spills easily, cleaning brushes, and a sink nearby for rinsing.

Coffee Beans:

This may sound silly, but one of the most essential accessories for your new espresso maker is the beans themselves.  How you choose the beans, the style and flavor, will alter your experience greatly.  Obviously, fresh is better.  And for the freshest coffee beans….


Yes, you can buy your own roaster!  Cost and time need to be taken into account, but here’s an interesting youtube video on a homemade roaster.  Use at your own risk!!

Besides that, there are a number of roasters available.

Lastly…a map to Seattle:

If you want to learn all you can about espresso, you need to visit the land of the Latte.  You can find the original Starbucks store in the fish market, and an espresso stand seemingly on every corner.  All 4 sides.  🙂  It won’t take long to learn more about coffee than you ever imagined.

As well as the above, espresso cups, measuring scales, and all sorts of other coffee machine accessories are available.  You are truly limited only by your imagination!

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