Bosch Tassimo T20

Tech Specs from Bosch:

• Bar code technology allows the TASSIMO machine to prepare each beverage with the exact pressure, temperature, water, and time duration, so each and every drink is perfect
Instant heat-up and fast first cup
Customize your beverages with a single touch of a button
Noise reduction system for quiet preparation of beverages
Low energy consumption: zero watt hours in standby mode and an on-demand heating element
Height adjustment and removable cup stand allows you to use the cup or travel mug of your choice

Automatic cleaning and descaling with use of a special T DISC keeps your beverages tasting clean
Removable cup stand and splash cover lets you customize the color to suit your kitchen
Removable 1.5 L water tank
Dimensions in cm (L x W x H): 29.8 x 19.9 x 27.8
Weight in package: 7.1 lbs

The Unique:

Uses “T discs”.  T discs are similar to the Keurig K-cups, but do tend to be less expensive

The Good, Bad, & Ugly:

T discs cost lest than Keurig’s K cups, but also has less variety in coffee choices.  Starbucks has stopped offering T discs, but Gavalia and Maxwell House continue to supply the cups.

One cool feature is that you can add frothed milk to the top of your brew to make a cappuccino, latte, or chai tea.  If you continue the comparison to Keurig here, the Keurig system does not have this feature.

Cleaning is a bit odd.  You have to use a cleaning disc (don’t lose it!) which lets the system know you’re running a cleaning cycle.  So, use your cleaning tablet (or descaler) with the cleaning T disc inserted, and follow the directions.

The Summary:

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, single-serve coffee maker, the Bosch Tassimo T20 may be for you.  Before you make a decision, look at the T disc selection and if you’ll be happy with a limited selection.  If you love the coffees offered, it’s hard to beat the price point.  But if you like to try all sorts of different coffees, experiment with brewing, or customize your milk choices… perhaps a more traditional espresso machine is a better choice.

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